Why are the online versions of WIN and the Parish Council reports provided in PDF format?

In the past the West Ilsley News (WIN) and the Parish Council reports were available as web pages. The decision was made with the redesign of the web site to convert these to Adobe PDF format. There are a number of reasons for this.
  • PDF is a standard format for documents on the web and the PDF reader is freely available for public use
  • With the PDF version, WIN and the Council reports are in exactly the same layout as the printed versions (the web page versions required a change to the format). This means PDF format is great for printing as well as viewing online.
  • Converting the Microsoft Word versions of WIN and the Parish Council Reports (the versions that are used to create the printed copies) into HTML (the web versions) was fairly time consuming each month. Converting to PDF is a much simpler process.

We hope you'll agree that the PDF is an all round better way to produce Online versions of WIN and the Parish Council Reports.

The West Ilsley Web Team

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